Galaga: Pro-Level Competitions

$10,000 Top-Prize!

Now accepting pre-qualifying submissions! Submit your Galaga high score to compete!
Seven players will be selected from among top pre-qualifying scores to compete in Pro-Level Galaga competitions:


Over three days (Thursday-Saturday), Pro-Level players will attempt world-record marathon (D-Mode) runs to break the current world record. The highest score achieving a new world record will be awarded a crowdfunded cash prize.


On day four (Sunday), Pro-Level players will meet head-to-head in a single-elimination tournament, with $10,000 top-prize awarded to the champion. Second-place receives $5,000 and third-place, $2,500.

Click here for complete rules and how to pre-qualify for Pro-Level competitions.

Galaga: Amateur-Level Competition

$1,500 Top-Prize!

Players not pre-qualified to compete in Pro-Level competitions, will have the opportunity to compete at the amateur level, with two days of qualifying rounds held on-site (Thursday-Friday). On day three of Galagathon (Saturday) the top ten qualifying scorers will duke it out in a Amateur-Level single-elimination tournament, awarding a $1,500 top-prize.

Beyond Galaga: Classic Cabinets

Galaga is arguably the greatest title to emerge from the era of eighties arcade gaming. In an homage to this golden age – and its reigning champs – we’re bringing in some other classic cabinets, with invited celebrity guests playing to beat their personal high-scores:

Nibbler: Tim McVey
Pacman: xxx
Centipede: xxx
Frogger xxx