The Result Are In!

The venue has cleared, the cabinets have been powered down and the dust has finally settled on the first annual Score Wars showdown. Four days of intense competitive play saw the world’s best Galaga players and a host of retro gaming champions, record holders, and arcade hall heroes descend on Meow Wolf for an incredible celebration of retro-gaming.

If you missed the action, or want to relive the excitement, check out the archived live stream on Twitch (available April 8, 2018).

Galaga Pro-Level Tournament

Congratulations to our new Galaga World Champions!

  • First Place: Andrew Barrow
  • Second Place: Armando Gonzalez
  • Third Place: Jon Klinkel

And to all of our Pro-Level competitors for putting on an incredible show!

  • Andrew Laidlaw
  • Phil Day
  • John McAllister
  • Mike Thompson
  • Tanner Rousseau
  • Mark Schult
  • Keith “Arcade Doctor” Swanson

Check out the Pro-Level tournament brackets on Challonge.

Galaga Amateur-Level Tournament

SHERMAN PETERSON of Santa Fe, NM ruled the Galaga amateur tournament – then returned Sunday to defeat Galagalubek and win a Meow Wolf lifetime pass!

Our other qualified amateur competitors were:

  • Daniel Rodriguez
  • Montgomery Maison
  • Mark Dawson
  • Travis Siemon
  • Jeffrey Kongphouthakhoun
  • Josh Swanson
  • Arielle Roybal
  • Jeremy Young
  • Geoffrey Flock

Check out the Amateur-Level tournament brackets on Challonge.

World Records!

Outside of the heated pro-level Galaga showdown, Score Wars stamped its name on the competitive gaming scene, with not one but FOUR world records being carved into gaming history by the legendary players that Meow Wolf brought together to celebrate The Golden Age of Arcade Gaming:

  • Track & Field – 1 Man Extended Run
  • Previous: 5,151,790 – Hector Rodriguez – 2015-11-13
  • New: 5,513,320 – Hector Rodriguez – 2018-03-29
  • Centipede – Points (Tournament Settings)
  • Previous: 7,111,111 – Donald Hayes – 2001-05-04
  • New: 7,750,817 – Donald Hayes – 2018-03-30
  • Asteroids – Tournament (5 Man)
  • Previous: 299,010 – Brian Nelson – 2016-06-14
  • New: 625,340 – John McAllister – 2018-03-31
  • Nibbler – 5 Life Limit
  • Previous: 1,781,630 – Tim McVey – 2012-01-13
  • New: 6,447,590 – Time McVey – 2018-04-01

All world record achievements were officially adjudicated in accordance with Twin Galaxies official competitive guidelines and overseen on-site by a member of the Twin Galaxies editorial team.

Catch the live stream (available April 8, 2018) of all the events on Twitch (available April 8, 2018)!